Thursday, June 20, 2019

Upstreaming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Upstreaming - Essay ExampleTherefore, this paper will analyze the process Anne whitethorn undergoes aft(prenominal) her sons death and the significance of embracing life in a phenomenal swim of faith.The memories of her son made Anne May unable to impersonate over his death. Her son had fallen out of the boat and drowned while they were fishing with his father. The images of his son drowning could not leave her mind, which resulted in nightmares almost every day until they became her companion. In her dreams, she could see her son drowning in the water, his skinny arms flailing the waves, his mouth opening to scream, but no sound coming forth (Brant 50). This dreams kept the memories of her son viable thus, she welcomed them.However, Anne May enters another process where she blames herself for her sons death. Although she had not been there when the accident occurred, Anne May felt that it was her duty to protect her son. It is my fault, she said out loud. She design of all the t hings she should withstand done to prevent Simons leaving. She should have placated Tony, she should have lived alone, she should have pretended to be straight, and she should have never been an alcoholic, she should have never loved, she should have never been born (Brant 53). This hurt her and made it difficult for her to forgiven herself, as well as her ex-husband, Tony who desperately begged for forgiveness.The joy of her sons birth made Anne May stop crisping. Her desire to have a drink ended when she saw Simon. However, his death made her thirst for the drink and hated attending meetings. She wanted to drink and drink and drink until it was all over (Brant 52). She finally buys a bottle of wine at a liquor store and decides to travel as she thinks or so her past life, about her alcoholic father and how he made her mother live a miserable life. While standing on a pit at Sauble Falls, she watched the fish as

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